The Bassmaster Classic is the SuperBowl of bass fishing. For years the most talented anglers in the world strive to work their way into a position to have a shot at competing in this historic competition. The classic stage has been graced by the best anglers in the world for 50 years, with names like Kevin Van Dam, Rick Clunn and Aaron Martens. This year in 2020 Piscifun Pro Caleb Kuphall got to experience it all first-hand.

In 2019, Caleb competed in the Bassmaster Central Opens where he won the event on Smith Lake. This win granted him entry into the 2020 Bassmaster Classic. Imagine the excitement, from an angler who has worked his way up in the sport of bass fishing for years and now he has a chance to compete against legends in the greatest bass fishing competition in history.

Piscifun Pro Caleb Kuphall

Caleb went into the Bassmaster Classic practice-period focused and ready to take on the challenge ahead while taking in the experience. Practice proved to be challenging with changing weather conditions throughout the week spreading the fish out, but as any Pro Angler does, Caleb went into day 1 prepared to leave it all on the water.

Weather conditions made a drastic shift on day one with strong winds blowing across Lake Guntersville. This made locating fish difficult for many anglers in the field. Caleb was able to put together a respectable weight of 14-1 with four fish by the end of day one after putting on a late morning/mid-afternoon rally.His bag was anchored with a beautiful six-pound kicker, which greatly helped his overall weight.

“One of the keys to success for me during the Classic was making long casts. Fishing Lake Guntersville in March sets up for a lot of cast and reel typebaits. Making long casts was crucial to getting more bites in the area I was fishing in. For this technique I was using a Piscifun Phantom 7.0:1 casting reel. This reel features a dual braking system that allowed me to fine tune my brakes to get optimum distance out of every cast.” – Caleb Kuphall

On Day two of the Bassmaster Classic, it was a race to make the Top 25 “Cut Line”. Caleb knew he would be heading home if he wasn’t able to put together a solid program for the day. Again, on Day two, Caleb experienced most of his success in the late morning to afternoon as he was able to put together a solid bag of 5 fish for 12-15 which put him in 20th place and above the cut line to fish on day three!

Fishing on Day three is the goal, it means you were able to out fish most of the field of anglers you competed against and you have a shot at winning the title. Caleb fished extremely hard on Day three, utilizing what he learned all week on Guntersville to put together his largest five-fishBassmaster Classic in 19th place. It was truly a valiant effort by Caleb in his first ever Bassmaster Classic.

Here at Piscifun, we look forward to following along with Caleb for the 2020 Bassmaster Elite Series and we are sure this won’t be the last time we see him roll across the Classic Stage.

You can follow along with Caleb here:

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March 23, 2020 — Henry Barrett

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