A bass jig is one of the most versatile lures you can have in your arsenal. It can be fished all across the country, in any condition and produce bite after bite. Millions of dollars have been won in tournaments by flipping, pitching, and casting a jig. The craziest thing is this bait can be effective from the shallowest part of the lake to the deepest. However, there are a few key elements that can make a jig more effective. In this video, you will learn a lot about jig fishing tips for bass from Jason, and he will recommend you some of the lures for bass fishing. We hope you like this fishing video!

Tips: In 7:18, you will know the perfect reel for slower swim jig


In this video, it will help you to know how to choose fishing baits for spring walleye fishing.


It's time to start walleye fishing, what are you waiting for? Our Piscifun fishing team has got a head start. In this video, you will see every details about fishing for walleye fishes in the lake, you will see different walleye fishes, cool hook set actions and so on!
Tips: In 1:36 you will see the soft ball walleye fish, it looks so funny!
In 4:24 you will see the super cool hook set action by our hero Jason!


Jason heads out with Jason Drewa in search of BIG TROUT right outside of Downtown Chicago! You don't want to miss this one!
In 1:54, we caught the first big trout. It was really beautiful.
In 4:30, you can know more details and tips about TROUT FISHING.
Go trout fishing with Piscifun, don't hesitate to click and watch the video!
While we enjoy our trout fishing activity, we also tried our best to shot the details for you.


Spring fishing time is coming! We hook up with our boy BassandCoffee for a little spring time shore fishing session! Let's enjoy fishing time with our fishing equipment : Piscifun Viper 2.



Amazing cooler backpacks for Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Kayaking- heck, just about anything Outdoors! 


Phantom VS Phantom X? Which baitcaster reel should you choose? In the video Jason Brenic went over the features of those reels, and what makes them different. 


Three Sick Bass Fishing Techniques that Kham uses. It is very informative and helpful. 


Hands down Piscifun store bestselling baitcasting reel - the Torrent series. The reel is an absolute blast and 50,000+ anglers cast it on the water. Check this killer bass fishing reel.


Tackling GIANT Clear Water Bluegills on the ice! Check out how we tackle these big fish!