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Buyers Guide for Fishing Line Spooler

When you finally realize that the worst way to wind line onto your fishing reel is to hold the spool between your toes on a pencil, you are ready to graduate to an actual line spooler! There are two types of fishing line winders - manual or electric.

Upfront, avoid an electric fishing line spooler because it ties you to a power source. In addition, the expense does not justify the benefit unless you run a commercial operation. There is no need to spend more than $50 to get all the functions you need in a manual fishing line winder.

The simplest fishing line spooler allows you to attach various size spools of bulk line to a bar with a clamp to hold your reel at the other end of the spooler. The line rolls straight off the spool onto the reel. The issue with this type of line winder is that the spooling process adds a fishing line twist. Therefore, the best fishing line spoolers rotate the bulk fishing line spool in the same direction as the fishing reel spool to lay the line on the spool without any twist.

The next thing to look for is the flexibility of the spooler. If you have been fishing for any length of time, you have undoubtedly encountered a situation where you must replace the line during a fishing trip. The solution is to use a fishing spooler with a feature that allows it to clamp onto your fishing rod. Another option is to use a small, dedicated spooler. Typically, it looks like a short fishing rod with the bulk line holder at the end.

If you opt for a rod clamp line spooler, ensure you can use it off the rod in tight spaces. The better versions have a mechanism that sticks the spooler to a smooth surface. 

Regardless of your final choice, there are a few things you need to check the following FAQ:

In summary, a line winder ensures consistent and tight application of fishing line onto your reel. If the line is loose, you will likely have backlashes and other problems while fishing. Abandon the pencil-and-toe approach! 


Is the fishing line spooler easy to use? 

The instructions should be simple, and putting the line on the spooler is not complicated. Ideally, the spooler should be able to control tension. A line counter is nice if you use backing with your main line. Another desirable feature is for the fishing line winder to allow you to unwind line from your fishing reel. Why? Typically, only the first fifty yards of the line get used – the rest is just fine. Tie the new line on using a compact double-uni knot, and you are back in business without spending money to replace all the fishing lines.

Is the fishing line spooler durable?

Check the ratings to see what other people think. Look for a fishing line spooler made from material that will last.

Will the fishing line spooler handle the bulk spools you use? 

Check that the fishing line spooler can load narrow and wide format bulk fishing line spools. The best fishing line spoolers have adapters to fit perfectly in the hole at the center of the bulk line spool, which allows the spooler to apply the proper tension as you move the line from the bulk spool to your reel.