My name is Jason Brenic, and I am the USVP of Marketing for Piscifun Fishing. Still, more importantly, I am an absolute Crazy Man when it comes to targeting Crappies in the Fall. In this article, we will review Fall Crappies Fishing and offer some great tips to catch more Crappies this Fall. 

As the Humid Summer gives way to the breathtaking colors of reds, oranges, and yellows, we enter a time of the year when fishing can be considered at its best. Fish of various species all across the state of Wisconsin are feeding up before the cold grips of Winter are upon us, including BEAUTIFUL SLAB Crappies. The cool Fall air, the mosaic of colors in the trees, and the anticipation of landing a Trophy Crappie are truly like no other. In this article, we'll discuss how incredible this time of year can be, and I will also share some tips that will help you find your success chasing Crappies on the water this Fall. 

Incredible Scenery: As mentioned above, Fall is an incredible time of the year to be on the water in Wisconsin. The scenery is absolutely stunning; there's nothing better than catching Big Crappies as you see the reflection of Autumn coming off the water. 

Jason Brenic holds the cappie

Loads of Crappies: As the water temperatures fall and Autumn sets in, Crappies begin their migration in search of food. This migration pattern means you're more likely to find schools of crappie in accessible locations, sometimes in shallow remaining green weeds and other times over mud basins feeding on baitfish. 

Non-Stop Eating: Crappies are known to feed heavily before the beginning of Winter. Their appetite peaks during this season, which greatly increases your chances of hooking into a Trophy Fish and possibly even several of them. 

Fall Crappie Fishing Tips

To make the most of your fall crappie fishing, consider some of these tips that have helped me over my fishing career. 

1. Locate Large Schools

Start your day by using the electronics that you have at your disposal to start searching for LARGE schools of fish in the body of water that you are fishing. Large can be relative to the location; it could be 25 fish or 200 fish. Look for them near submerged structures like fallen trees, rocks, and weed beds. These areas often serve as shelter for their prey and, thus, feeding areas for Hungry Fall Crappies. 

2. Use the Right Gear

Select your favorite Ultralight Spinning Rod in a 6' 6" - 7' Length and grab a Carbon X or Viper X 1000 from Piscifun. These reels are optimal for catching Big Crappies as they both feature incredibly fine and smooth Carbon Drag Systems. The Carbon Drag works wonders when fighting Heavy Crappies with a Paper Mouth. This equipment also allows you to present the perfect presentation, which is crucial when targeting Crappies.

Jason Brenic holds the cappie in Wisconsin

3. Go with Plastics

Crappies absolutely love any bait that imitates a Small Baitfish or Minnow. I love to use Hawg Pours Plastics 1.75" Minnow on a 1/16 oz Jig to entice Hungry Fall Crappies.  

4. Depth Matters

Adjust your presentation according to the crappie's location. Start at different depths and gradually work your way up or down until you find where the fish are feeding most actively. 

5. Dress for the Fall Weather

This usually means layering your clothing to stay warm during chilly mornings and then shedding those layers as the day warms up. 

Fall Crappie fishing in Wisconsin can truly be one of the most exciting times of the year to be on the water. Between the incredible views and the large numbers of Big, hungry Crappies - there isn't an experience quite like it. Armed with the right gear and the knowledge of where and how to find Crappies, you're now ready for a successful and rewarding trip on the water.

Embrace the beauty of Wisconsin's Fall and get ready for a bountiful catch on your next Crappie Fishing Trip.  Good Luck, and Happy fishing!


Jason Brenic

Jason Brenic

My name is Jason Brenic, and I am the USVP of Marketing for Piscifun Fishing. Still, more importantly, I am an absolute Crazy Man when it comes to targeting Crappies in the Fall.


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November 22, 2023 — Jason Brenic
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