Fall is right around the corner, which means the big fish will be putting on their feed bags very soon! You will be ready to rock this fall with the Brand New Piscifun Venom spinning reel! The Piscifun Venom is strong, smooth and deadly boasting some amazing features that big fish anglers are looking for!



The Venom is very aesthetically pleasing with carbon fiber accents on the CNC Machined aluminum spool, which is now braid ready with no backing needed! The spinning reel is laden with bright green accents throughout matching it well to many rods on today’s market. This is also the first Piscifun model available in a 1000 size which is great for panfishing and ice fishing!


We know what you’re thinking - Everyone loves a good looking spinning reel, but the big question is… What’s happening on the inside of that bad boy? Say no more...

Smooth and Strong Performance

Anglers of every skill level want the confidence to know that their fishing reel is going to perform. Not just once, but every time they make a cast. Piscifun has laid those worries to rest by designing the Venom with a reinforced alloy drive gear, super strong precision brass gears, a reinforced body, and a stainless steel main shaft. In addition, the Venom carries a High Quality 10+1 Anti Corrosion Bearing system so you get the smoothest performance available!


Carbon Fiber Drag System

We all know how important it is to have a great drag system, especially on the spinning reels. Every time you set the hook, a battle ensues. The better your drag system is the better your odds are of landing that trophy of a lifetime! The Venom boasts a 3-disc Carbon Fiber Drag System with a stopping power up to 26.5 lbs! The Venom also features a Sealed Rubber Ring in the drag system, this prevents the drag from being corroded by tiny things, such as water, dust, sand, etc. This greatly ensures the drag system’s stability and durability.

The Venom is available for purchase at www.amazon.com and www.piscifun.com


Piscifun is a fishing brand offering high-quality affordable fishing tackle for novice and professional anglers alike. Our goal is to provide you with quality fishing gear that won’t break the bank, so you can enjoy the sport of fishing with your loved ones… we believe in our slogan “GO WITH FAMILY”.

August 31, 2017 — Alice Wang

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