There is nothing that brings a smile more to a bass angler than gearing up for the spring bite. Depending on where you live, water temps at this time of year will be, in a word, cold. But bass will begin to move shallow as the water begins to warm. Two reasons really, one is that is where the baitfish will also begin to stage as the snow melts off and water fresh runs into the lake carrying tasty morsels that the smaller fish feed on. Secondly bass will begin their search for spawning areas, though water temps still have a ways to go before the spawn occurs. Generally when the water temps begin to climb above the 45-degree mark, bass will move from deep water wintering areas to between 2 and 12 feet of water.

So now it’s time it’s time to gear up! The Piscifun Serpent One Piece Baitcasting rod is one of those tools you need to add to your arsenal! I had a 7-foot medium heavy one piece show up at my doorstep here recently. First impressions, super light; this rod constructed from high-level IM7, zero coating, X-shaped, Japanese Toray Carbon Fiber Blank was incredibly light in the hand. Adding a bait casting reel of your preference you'll notice right away how well the reel seat holds the reel and how well it fits in the palm of your hand. Casting is made easy by the high-quality Fuji guides. The premium anti-slip grips help you keep a firm grasp on the rod, especially when making long hard casts with bigger baits.

Let’s talk a little bit more about spring fishing and tactics you can use for success on the water. Historically pre-spawn, early springtime bass fishing produces the biggest fish. Why? Large female bass are feeding generously as they prepare for the spawn. These large will fish will stage off spawning areas next to deeper water and will actively feed, especially during a warm stable weather pattern. Look for shallow spawning areas next to deeper water. A creek channel that moves up into a shallow bay or a point that comes out to deeper water with drop-offs on either side are great areas to look for. As mentioned earlier, cover and areas where weedlines have started to develop are awesome spots to target. Begin by covering a lot of water. Throw crankbaits on the deeper breaklines, 10-15 feet of water and lipless crankbaits for shallow breaklines. These are your search tools. You can cover quite a bit of water looking for active fish. Once you’ve connected with a good fish, slow down and work the area thoroughly. There will be schools of larger fish staging off creek channels, from the mouth of the creek on up.

I never go out on the lake, whether it’s spring, summer or fall, without having a plastic worm tied to one of my rods. Another great cold water/spring time bait is a jig and craw. Most of the waters that I fish I find that blue/black combinations’ work best, though this really is somewhat of a personal preference, and usually in the 1/2 oz to 3/8 oz size. Another great color is pumpkin seed, green/brown combinations, anything really that will mimic some of the natural forage that bass encounter.  I typically use a medium to medium heavy rods for my worm and jig fishing. Heavy rods work great if you know you're going to be fishing is some thick cover.  

If you find bass have moved up into shallower water rather than staging off in deeper areas, a great way to cover a lot of water in shallow conditions is using spinnerbaits. Chartreuse and white work very well, along with a single Colorado blade or dual willow leaf blades. The willow leaf blades, along with the skirt action, and a plastic jig or some trailer on the hook, will give the fish the illusion of a small group of baitfish.

You can cover a lot of water with these baits. For slower presentations the Colorado bladed spinnerbait is your best choice, if you feel the need for speed, throw that willow leaf out there and crank it in. Again, once you find active fish, slow down and fish the area methodically with slower baits.

Grab yourself a Piscifun Serpent baitcasting rod and get after that springtime bass! Piscifun products are designed in conjunction with Professional Anglers across the globe to ensure top-level performance. The exquisitely designed aluminum and carbon fiber foregrip, quality treated epoxy, precision line wrapping, ergonomic sleek real seat, “S” Style hook keeper plus the anti-line twist top guide gives you tournament performance at a truly affordable price.

All Piscifun rods are covered by Total Worry-Free Warranty for the workmanship and materials. Treat yourself today and get after it! Tight Lines All!

Article by Ben Leal


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May 17, 2019 — Ben Leal

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