My name is Scott Olson and I’ve been a resident of the Black Hills of South Dakota since 2008. I’ve been fishing on the water and shores, though, for a good majority of my 42 years. I am a fishing educator in my area and provide information, tips, and seminars to help others be successful from the shores or the ice and am looked at as an ambassador for the sport by many because of this. I try out new fishing gear each year from various companies to see how well they will work for the way that I fish and for what I fish for. I’ve been with Piscifun for several years now and I was excited to try out the new AlumiX spinning reel when I heard that Piscifun was coming out with a new reel very comparable or even better than my favorite reel, the Carbon X. Listed below is a review of this new reel.

Let’s start with the make-up of the AlumiX. It features a full aluminum frame, which gives it strength and durability as well as its lightweight. Because of this frame and its carbon fiber drag system, the 1000 size model, which I have, is only 6.1 oz. The 2000 and 3000 size models are only an ounce and a half heavier. 

The rotor is also made of carbon, adding to the reel’s rigidity and lightness as well. The spool is designed with a conical design, which allows for the line to fly effortlessly off of it, increasing casting distance with minimal exertion on the part of the caster. After well over a hundred casts now, I can say with certainty users will notice more distance on their casts while using the AlumiX. Add in ten ball bearings and this reel is the ultimate design in both smooth casting, smooth retrieval, and smooth drag. These features can be found in reels costing more than double what the AlumiX costs, which was my immediate thought on its first trips out onto the water after I’d obtained it. What first grabbed my attention was just how far I could cast small 1/16 th oz and 1/8 th oz spinners, spoons, and jigs for trout fishing here in the Hills. I was overcasting my chosen spots without even trying to cast hard, that’s how smooth the design of the spool is! The ten bearings made for a buttery smooth retrieval of the line with minimal effort to turn the handle. And the carbon drag system? While it is very similar to the Carbon X and XII, this reel has been put through the ringer dozens of times since I started using the reel, something that took a little longer with the others.. And it is such a smooth drag that it puts many of my other reels to shame with just how good this drag system is in the AlumiX. So far, I’ve gone after panfish and rainbow trout using this new reel, throwing everything from hair jigs to 1/8 th spoons and the reel has performed without any issue and it’s been a star of a new product, which can not always be said for new gear when it comes out. You would think it may take a couple of updates or iterations before its kinks are worked out, but not so with the AlumiX. Right out of the box, this has been a top of the line reel.

To say I’m happy with the purchase of the AlumiX would be an understatement. Finding a reel that feels and performs as good as this one has right out of the box is not something that is very common in today’s reel market. All of its features make it an absolute joy to use and its strengths play right into the hands of someone who has to cast far distances from shore to get into the strike zone or, when able to fish, fish for long hours and needs to not get fatigued from hundreds of casts or dozens of long fights with fighting fish. 

From its extreme lightweight to its aluminum frame to its carbon rotor and drag system, the AlumiX reel has all the makings to be the top of the line spinning reel in the Piscifun lineup and should be on the list of fishermen and women to try out if they are looking for a quality reel without the big price tag. 

There’s not a whole lot more that I can say about the AlumiX reel that I haven’t already pointed out. If you’re new to Piscifun reels or have heard about them, but never thought about ordering or trying one, you are missing out on what could be your new favorite spinning reel. And the best part is that despite its high-quality components that are in this design, the price tag is extremely under what a reel of this quality would be if it was under another brand. If you enjoy getting the most for your money and still want high quality gear, be sure to order an AlumiX reel the next time you are in the market for a new spinning reel! You won’t be disappointed.


author: Scott Olson

Scott Olson

Hello from the Black Hills of South Dakota! My name is Scott Olson and I have lived in Rapid City since 2008. I’ve been fishing since I can remember, both open water and ice, but it was the move here to the Hills that my love of fishing really took off. With dozens of lakes to choose from and many species to fish for, the area really is a great place to be a multi-species fisherman or woman, whether you’re after bluegills, bass, walleye, lake trout, or others in between. 

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May 31, 2024 — Scott Olson

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